Giving Back What Cancer Took Away

So Tina was referred to me by some relatives who got their brows done by me awhile ago.

She was extremely nervous and excited, she started telling me everything she did and did not want, but i wasn't really paying attention to what she was saying. The only thing i was thinking were her words when she walked in: I've got cancer and i lost my brows, they never grew back again, i am finally here to close that circle.

This was a huge responsibility, i mean, she was there and she was in my hands, I could't absolutely fail i thought. 
One feeling that never left me after all these years doing permanent makeup, is the FEAR; the fear of doing something wrong, the fear of disappointing someone. And this is the first thing i say when i teach. Do not think that you can master this, do not think you're the best, do not let the fear abandon you, ever.
You need the FEAR to become better and better.

Tina asked me why i do permanent makeup; no one ever questioned me about the why.
I told her she would get to see for herself why i do Permanent Makeup.
Seriously I've never ever questioned myself on the why; i knew i love what i do, but i never knew why, before i met Tina.

Do you wanna know why i love my job so much? Watch this video..

She couldn't stop thanking me for her new brows, she said i changed her life; but she didn't realize that she was the one that changed mine! 
Thank YOU Tina, for letting me understand WHY i love my job so much!

Francesca S.