Eyelash Enhancement/Eyeliner

Our goal is to give you the best results imaginable! All Appointments include a 30 minute consultation before starting the tattooing process. Francesca will create a template, to simulate the final result. 
If you would like to schedule an additional consultation before the date of your actual procedure appointment, the cost is 25$.

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Eyelash Enhancement Full Set (Includes top and bottom) $450.00 *touch up NOT included*
Only Top $350.00 *touch up not included*
Only Bottom $200.00 *touch up not included*
Eyeliner Full Set (includes top and bottom) $500.00 *touch up not included*
Only Top $400.00 *touch up not included*
Only Bottom $200.00 *touch up not included*
• Initial Touch Up Set $150.00 (within 3 months from first session)
Touch Up Upper or Bottom $100.00
1-2 Year Touch Up Full Set $300.00
1-2 Year Touch Up Top $250.00
1-2 Years Touch Up Bottom $150.00
• For Touch Ups over 2 years of initial procedure, prices will be quoted based on the amount of work required

Please note: touch ups are not included in initial procedure fees