The Process 

Our procedure has 3 steps. Consultation, Drawing/Custom Templates and the Tattooing Procedure. 

All appointments include a full consultation. If you are looking to schedule your appointment but are concerned about what shape and color you should chose, not to worry!

We will spend at least 30 minutes to find the shape that fits perfectly fits your face structure. Remember, finding the right shape of your eyebrows is not like choosing a dress at the store! So don’t stress out doing hours of research and printing tons of pictures! Every face has its own unique shape and structure, my experience and knowledge, along with your expectations will help  find the perfect shape for you!

If you aren't 100% sure about permanent makeup being the best suite for you or need some help choosing the look you'll love, we also offer a pre-consultation that covers what we can possibly do for you before coming in for the procedure. If you feel you know exactly what look you're looking for you can skip the pre-consultation process and schedule your appointment here. 

Consultation Pre Tattooing

As said above, all appointments include a consultation before starting with the tattooing process; during this time we will go over the actual process, what method or technique will be used, what to expect during and after the first session, and color choice.

Our goal is to give you the best results imaginable! All Appointments include a 30 minute consultation before starting the tattooing process. Francesca will create a template, to simulate the final result. 
If you would like to schedule an additional consultation before the date of your actual procedure appointment, the cost is 25$.
 If you must cancel for any reason, please give us a 24H notice or you will lose your deposit. 


The template drawing will give you an idea of how your eyebrows, eyeliner or lips will look once the procedure is finished. Disposable micro brushes and the pigment that will be used for the tattooing process will ensure the highest hygienic standards. Once the drawing is over, and you've approved of the shape, the tattooing begins.


The last step! Based on the area and technique, we will pre numb the area. Depending on your pain tolerance, the procedure may be painless, or you may feel  minimum discomfort.
This step takes about an hour.

Click here to view our Before & After Care instructions.

 Below you will a comprehensive list of the services we offer.


• Hair Stroke/Ombré/Microblading Technique $600.00 (touch up not included)
Includes a 30' LED red light therapy session to fasten the healing process and prevent scabbing
• Male Eyebrows: quote upon consultation
• 1st initial Touch Up (Within min. 6 weeks and max 12 weeks of initial session) $75.00
• 2nd Touch Up (Within 2 months of last session if required to complete the work) $50.00
Touch up within 6 months from last session $150.00 
• Yearly Touch up (Within 12 months of last session) $250.00
• 12-18 Month Touch up from last session $300.00
18-24 Month Touch Up from last session $350.00

• Touch Ups over 2 years from last session, will be priced as a new procedure with $100.00 of loyalty discount.
• Color Correction of Previous Tattoo $250.00 per session *requires consultation
• Tattoo Removal $200.00 per session *requires consultation
**If you've had previous permanent makeup applied to your eyebrows, please contact us or email to help us determine what we can do for before scheduling. 
**The LED red light therapy is complimentary with brows and lips first session. If you'd like to add it to your future follow ups the cost is $40.00

Eyelash Enhancement/Eyeliner

Eyelash Enhancement Full Set (Includes top and bottom) $450.00
Only Top $350.00
Only Bottom $200.00
Eyeliner Full Set (includes top and bottom) $500.00
Only Top $400.00
Only Bottom $200.00
1st Touch Up Set $150.00
1st Touch Up Upper or Bottom $100.00
1-2 Year Touch Up Full Set $300.00
1-2 Year Touch Up Top $250.00
1-2 Years Touch Up Bottom $150.00
For Touch Ups over 3 years of initial procedure, prices will be quoted based on the amount of work required
Please note:touch ups are not included in itial procedure fees. 


Lip Liner/Blush $490.00 Includes 30' LED Red Light Therapy session
• Full Lip $590.00  Includes 30' LED Red Light Therapy session
1st Touch Up (Within min. 6 weeks and max 12 weeks of initial session) $100.00
Yearly Touch Up (Within 12 Months After Initial Procedure) $250.00
Touch Up 1-2 years (after 12 months, within 24 months) $350.00
Touch Ups over 2 years of initial procedure, will be priced as a new work with $100 of loyalty discount 
Tattoo Removal $200.00 per session. *Requires consultation
** Please contact us or email photos of your lips to to help us determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure before scheduling. 
**The LED red light therapy is complimentary with brows and lips first session. If you'd like to add it to your future follow ups the cost is $40.00
Children and pets are not allowed in the studio.