What Our Customers Have To Say

Im So Happy With My Eyebrows   ★★★★★ 

Francesca did my eyebrows and they are all I could ever want. She's so talented and did an AMAZING JOB. She took her time and didn't rush at all. I didn't feel any discomfort-on the pain scale id rate it a 1, stubbing my toe hurts more than getting your eyebrows tattooed !

I'm so happy with my eyebrows and am so glad I went to her. I can finally wake up with perfect eyebrows and not feel so insecure about my eyebrows. Every time I look in the mirror I can't help but smile because I love my eyebrows so much. If you're planning on getting your eyebrows permanently tattooed come to Francesca because she KNOWS what she's doing and is fantastic at it. 

- Dominica F

Francesca Is Phenomenal!   ★★★★★

I am so blessed by the work done on my eyebrows! I have confidence when i have no make up on now! Everyone says they look like mine and they are so natural.
Francesca is the best and owns her skill and gifts, she is phenomenal! I am more then pleased with my outcome. It is so worth the price. I recommend her to everyone i know!

-Lori C


Confident Enough To Step Outside Without A Stitch Of Makeup On ★★★★★ 

I have a touch of vitiligo on the inner corner of my eyebrow. It's not too large but it is large enough to be noticeable against my tan skin. It even turned the hairs on a portion of my right eyebrow white.  Every morning I religiously take about 10-15min to pencil in my brows, and have been incredibly conscious of my vitiligo since I was 7.

Thankfully, I was referred to Francesca. I initially came in for just a consultation, the idea of permanent eyebrow tattoos freaked me out. After she drew out what she would do as a sample I was SOLD!  She did an amazing job and for the first time in over 20yrs I was confident enough to step outside without a stitch of makeup on. She really took the time to add the details that took it to the next level. My husband didn't even know it wasn't my actual hair until he really examined it.  

Definitely worth the price!

- Cheryl P

Francesca Is Amazing ★★★★★

Francesca is amazing! She does such beautiful work. I had eyebrows, lash enhancement, and lips done. Everything turned out perfect and it's so awesome that my makeup routine was cut in half! I definitely admit, the days following the procedures, it's a little scary as the color is super dark but as the days goes on, it lightens up quite a bit. You see the true results around day 15-20 and I absolutely love the way everything came out! Francesca is very reasonably priced too.

The eyelash enhancement didn't hurt a bit (she puts numbing solution on your skin). The eyebrows at first feel like someone is plucking a ton of your hairs out but after the first pass, numbing cream goes on and it didn't hurt too bad. The center of the lips probably hurt the most but it wasn't that bad. Just when she gets towards the center of your upper lip...that's what hurt the most (to me anyway). The lip color came out very natural which was exactly what I was looking for. Please don't hesitate to go see Francesca...you will not regret it!

Amanda A